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In August of 2003, an oncology nurse helped organize a small gathering of women whose lives had been touched by various gynecologic cancers. Their goal was to gain comfort and support from one another. Everyone recognized and appreciated the spontaneous camaraderie that occurred, and the decision was made to formalize into a monthly support group. In February of 2004, one of the founding members lost her battle with ovarian cancer. United in grief, the group found solace in honoring this courageous woman by adopting her name for the support group. GRACE'S – Gynecologic cancer survivors Reinforcing Awareness, Caring, Education, and Support – was born.

Our Logo
GRACE'S logo was designed by the daughters of one of our members. The color of each flower symbolizes the different gynecologic cancers. The cancer ribbon is visible in the center of the middle flower. The spiral centers of the two outside flowers are based on ancient goddess symbolism. Spirals are found on many ancient goddess artifacts, usually in the belly/abdominal region of the goddess, where a gynecologic cancer would occur, or as part of the goddess's hands when stretched upward toward the heavens, symbolizing the upward development of the human spirit.

GRACE'S logo




general gynecologic cancers


ovarian cancer

white and teal

cervical cancer


endometrial/uterine cancer


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